contour, for solo sopranino saxophone with synthetic reed, 6′ (2018)
written for alex richards

premiered at Darmstädter Ferienkurse 2018

(recording forthcoming)

efflux (#2)

efflux (#2), for solo accordion, 5′ (2018)
written for Sophie Aupied Vallin

premiered at Darmstädter Ferienkurse 2018


manifold for solo alto saxophone and electronics (2015, rev. 2017)

written for Alex Richards

efflux (#1)

solo amplified trumpet – ca. 9′

efflux (#1) explores the athleticism of music performance as well as the expression of exhilaration and banality through repetition and rehearsal. The player is asked to perform all gestures as fast as possible, or even “faster than possible,” to flatten virtuosity and provoke improvised “shortcuts” through the material, prioritizing speed over accuracy.

(recording) performed by by Toshi Chun


Warenfetisch for solo prepared cello (2016)

Warenfetisch explores a fetishization of musical material and sonority to the detriment of structural coherence. The myopic focus on surface detail intentionally gives rise to a diffuse and rarified form.  Each localized musical idea has a profound gravitational grip on its variations as if attempting to fracture the work’s structure from the inside.